Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Yes, it was snowing!!!! It was so beautiful!! Austin loved pointing out the snow and talking about it but didn't really like being out there. I think we were outside for 5 minutes and he was ready to go inside.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

We are wearing short sleeveshirts and giving the dog a bath in the backyard! Tomorrow will be raining and cold! Austin was very helpful giving the dog a "bat".


Last Saturday Austin and I went to a Choo-Choo Party! We had so much fun. Austin just loves trains now! There was a bunch of crafts that we could do but Austin choose to play with the trains and stroller all night. So, I did a lot of the craft and had fun doing them! I did get him to stop playing trains for a while to frost a train cake.

We also made a train out of a box. We named it "Austin Express"

Monday, December 7, 2009

Six Flags!

Saturday we went to Six Flags for Bell's Holiday party. I was kinda worried that Austin would have fun because he doesn't like rides, stuffed animals, people in animal costumes, or even Santa. I was pleasantly surprised!! We went on the Merry Go Round, the truck train in the kids section, the train that goes around the park, a boat and yes, the Mini- Mine Train Roller Coaster!!

Austin has really started liking trains. Since we are so blessed in having one that is by our house(sarcasm!) he sees them all the time. At Six Flags he thought all of the roller coasters were Choo-choos! So, the Titan is a choo-choo! Does that make you want to go on it?? Not me! He really enjoyed himself and we loved watching him see new things. We will defiantly have to go back!

Family Picture on the Merry Go Round

Going up and down!

Riding the truck train!

Riding the Mini Mine Train was fun. When we first got in line Austin was yelling, CHOO-CHOO and he was so excited to go on it. Well, it took off without it and he wasn't very happy at all! He scream until it came back and it was our turn! I have to say, I haven't been on that ride in more than 10 years! I think they redid the cars and made them smaller because those seats are snug!

Here is a video of us taking off! Watch Austin's face as we were leaving. I wonder what he was thinking??

This is on the real choo-choo! He had so much fun! He was in the process of yelling Choo-choo and moving his arm down.(kinda like people do to get truckers to honk)

I have so many great pictures! I wish I could show them all!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


We went to ICE at the Gaylord on Thanksgiving with Nana and Papa! Mommy was really excited to go! Austin wasn't to sure about the whole thing. At first he was ok but I think the noises and the people go to him. He also did not like the Grinch! He cried the whole time!

I thought that it was really neat to look at! It was about 9 degrees in there so it was pretty cold. They also have an ice slide! I really wanted to go down it with Austin but only let one person go at a time and he wouldnt go down. I went down the slide though! It was cool!

Here are a couple pictures to enjoy!