Monday, June 29, 2009

Fourth Haircut!

Well, Austin had his fourth haircut!! Let's just say, he doesn't like getting his haircut yet.

Enjoying Summer

I love summer! I wish every month was summer. I don' t like the heat but I love spending time with Austin!! We have been busy busy busy!! We have been doing something little with a letter of the alphabet a day and then reviewing our numbers and colors. So, here is a little picture update,

F is for Fingerpaints and Father's Day

G is for Green Goo and Guitar

H is for House and Hide and Seek

I is for Imagination Movers ( don't have a picture)
J- Jumping
K- Kicking
L is for Lazy by the pool

M is Monkey Business, McDonalds, and MOMMY

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beach Party Playdate!

We went over to Kristen's house on Wednesday for a Beach Party. Karley,Kolton, Julianna, and Olivia were there. I work with their Mommies! It was really fun! We ate lunch out of pails and then swam, played with toys , and ate some more! (Even if it wasn't our food, AUSTIN!!) Austin seemed to like the chicken off of Karley's plate even though he had chicken on his plate.

Swimming was really fun! Austin loved going down the slide into the pool.

We can't wait till we play again!

Very Busy!!

Sorry it has been a week since updating the blog. We have been so busy with swiming lessons, parties,playdates, and playing around the house!!

This past weekend we had two birthday parties! Sam turned 2 and Kotlon turned 3!! Saturday was Sam's party. It was a golf party. Austin enjoyed hitting thing (Not the ball) with his golf club.

Sam got a cool golf cart for his birthday that Austin loved! I think if I let him he would have stayed in it the whole party!

Kolton's Birtday was at Bedford Splash. We got to use our skills that we have been learning in swim lessons! Austin officially loves the pool! We were there for two hours and in the water for 90% of the time! If we weren't in the water Austin was playing in a puddle or running towards the water. If I wasn't watching him he would have ran right in!! (Very Scary!!)
Austin playing in the puddle and trying to blow bubbles.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 3 of our summer

Today was a busy day! It was the third day of swimming lessons. Austin did great! The last two days he has been scared and holding on tight to me. Today he was kicking his feet, blowing bubbles and he even was jumping off the side of the pool!!! I am very proud of him. Hopefully, he will continue to enjoy swimming. After lessons we went to Chick-Fil-La with Kristen,Kolten, and Karley. Austin liked having someone to run around with. For some reason he liked rolling around on the ground. We are looking forward to doing more things with them!!

After Austin hour long nap we played with bubbles, wrote with chalk , and colored the letter B

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let the Summer Begin!!!

I am so excited about being at home this summer. Austin is so much fun! Today was a big day. Austin and I started our swimming lessons together. Well, it didn't go so well. Austin was the screamer and wouldn't let go of me. I am hoping he will get use to it and by next Friday he will be a pro! No picture because well, I am in the water with him! HAHA

After swim lessons we came home and had lunch then headed for a nap. No, I didn't take one (darnit) I mopped the floor.! After Austin woke up we colored the letter A and then danced and sung songs. We had a lot of fun..

The video of him dancing is to the right>>>>. It starts off a little slow but gets really cute!

This is a video of Austin telling Scooter to "SIT"! Yes, he is saying Sit! NOTHING ELSE!! :)