Sunday, August 30, 2009


Austin isn't anywhere close to being potty trained but he knows you got pee and poo in it. The other day he was scooting close to it and saying potty. So I took his diaper off and we sat there for awhile. He didn't do anything but he still liked to sit on it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's go Rangers!!

We took Austin to his first Ranger game last week!!! Uncle John was able to get really good seats so, Uncle John, Aunt Kimberly, Caroline, Me, Daddy, Austin, and Grandpa all piled in the Acadia and drove to the game! It was very tight!! Austin was comfortable sitting in his seat watching Cars on the Tv hanging from the roof. We need to get one of those in the next vehicle!!

Austin couldn't wait to go into the stadium. He kept pointing and screaming, Hey!! He heard the music and started to dance! When we got down to our seats he just started and looked around at everything going on! He is small enough to sit on our laps so we didn't have to buy him a seat. Next time, he is getting a seat!!! Luckily, Uncle John spoke to a friend that was up in a suite and they asked us to come on up!!! That was really nice! Austin and Caroline had room to walk around and watch the game. We really enjoyed it and can't wait till we do something else with the Cooks!

We were lucky to attend the game that Pudge was playing for the first time in!!! The crowd went crazy every time he came out to hit.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wants to be like Daddy

Today we were sitting outside playing in the sandbox when Austin saw the " mow" (Lawn mower) . At that time Steven decided to quickly mow our backyard. Once Daddy starting mowing Austin ran to his mow and just started to follow him. I did not say anything to Austin about getting his mower. It was the cutest thing ever!!!

**Note** Austin does not have shoes on. I know, Dangerous! He never is outside without his shoes on but he was playing in his sand so we took them off. Also, he never is outside when Steven is mowing. So, to those that are freaking out that the mower was going and he had no shoes on , this wasn't planned and normally he has shoes on.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Austin got a sandbox!!!! He loves it! Everytime he does something new with the sand he goes, OH WOW!!


The weekend before we left we took Austin to the zoo! It was fun. He was scared at the monkeys at first but warmed up to them. There was this one monkey playing in a potato sack. He was literally getting into and swing from it. It was really funny. I think his favorite animal at the zoo was the penguin. One particular penguin was swimming all around Austin. It times it looked like the penguin was playing around with him. I can't wait to take him again! I think I am going to wait a couple months so he is bigger and when it is COOLER!!!!


Steven and I took a little vacation to Ft. Lauderdale Florida this past week. We had a great time! Thank you to Grandma, Nana, and Papa for watching Austin while we were gone! We also thank you for all the hook ups for the hotel and airplane!!