Saturday, September 27, 2008

I must get into the kitchen!!

Let me see now! How can I get in there??

I can go over this bar!

No, I don' t like it under here!

I found a way!!!

Go behind the couch!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


He said DOGGY!! I cant tell if it is just baby rambling or if he really wanted to say doggy.

OH! While watching this please disregard the dog paw and nose prints on the door. Scooter has been outside a lot lately and he doesn't like it!

Friday Foto Fun!!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Austin and I spent some time playing outside together! He loved it!! He was crawling , laughing, and even eating grass!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Video

I uploaded a new video in the video bar to the right!

Shopping is fun!

BOOM BOOM Goes a great heart!

Austin had a cardiologist appointment on Monday. The last time he went to the heart doctor was when he was four months old. What a difference a couple months makes. The last couple times we went all we had to do is lay him on the table and they Dr. and nurses do there job. Well, not anymore. He screamed, screamed, and did a little bit of more screaming! We are pleased to say the Dr. said he looks great! She doesn't see any blockage or leakage in his valve! She even said she doesn't even hear the heart murmur. She does still hear a clicking sound which still indicates the bicuspid valve. We have to go back in six months. That will be a fun appointment! Holding down a 16 month old.

Hurricane Ike

The weather guys said we may get some winds and rain from hurricane Ike. I thought they were joking and there is no way we would have tropical storm wind here in Ft. worth, TX! I was wrong! WOW! I felt like we were in the hurricane!

Just Joking! It wasn't bad at all!