Friday, March 11, 2011

Picture to keep for his wedding slideshow!

Our child walks in from school everyday and takes off his shoes and socks. Then he proceeds to take off his pants. He does not like to wear pants at all! Today was no different than any other day. He took his pants off and started playing. I needed to comb the fur ball so I went outside in the backyard. He wanted to come with me so I told him to go get his sandals. We ended up enjoying the night outside, playing with the dog, brushing him, running around, and we even ended up eating outside. It was fun! We did all of this with him wearing a shirt, underwear and sandals. It looked quite funny! So, I will defiantly have to keep these two pictures for his rehearsal dinner slide show. HAHA! He wanted me to take the picture of him looking up to the sky. While I was taking it he even was saying "cheese!!"